Contact – Custom orders


1Explain your vision – send me a drawing of your idea, or photos of other leotards you are inspired by. Let me know what your design is for. Is it a custom aerobics leo that needs to match your music? Is it a second-day senior leotard to make you stand out from the crowd? Is it your dream training leotard?

2Leave it up to me – I will put together design options that match the information you’ve given me and send them through for you to choose. Feel free to ask for any changes, make suggestions, or ask for more options if you’re not sure. Extra details – do you want rhinestones? Mesh? What’s your colour scheme? Is there a date required by?

3Production beginsĀ – once a decision has been made and payment received, your design will be hand-made just for you! You will be provided with a timeframe you can expect it completed by. All custom orders are shipped with tracking, or if you are in the Auckland/Northland region you can pick up.

Clubs and schools

Request a quote in the form below for team leotards. Please let me know how many will be required for the initial order and estimates for following orders. If you would like to create a cohesive look for your club/school by matching your current leotards or logo, please send photos of these through also.

Please note that I cannot provide an estimated price or time-frame until I have an idea of the design and quantity required.

Frequently asked questions

Out of respect for the original designers and creators, I do not do direct copies of other leotards. However what I can do is create a new design that is inspired by the photo that you’ve sent through, so that your design has the same kind of ‘look’ but is original and new.

Due to all custom designs being designed and created by Tick Tock Designs, this means Tick Tock Designs reserves the rights, ownership, and intellectual property, of all custom designs created. This means that custom designs are not necessarily exclusive, and may be reproduced for other customers at another time. My guidelines around custom designs being re-used or reproduced are:

  1. I will attempt to contact you regarding this, through our original means of contact (email, Instagram message etc)
  2. Where possible I will withold any reproductions for a full season, so that you have one season of exclusivity before it is more widely available to order
  3. Where possible I will ensure that further orders are not in the exact same colour scheme as the original custom, so that your chosen colours remain as ‘yours’, for at least a season
In the event where the return of a custom leotard is accepted, the returned leotard may be re-sold and does not need to comply with the above guidelines.
Custom designs that are designed by the customer (eg. you drew the leotard design yourself and I simply produce it with as few changes as possible), require explicit permission from the customer to be re-used or reproduced.

All custom sales are final. Custom items are NOT eligible for returns or refunds under any circumstances. The condition of all items is thoroughly checked and documented before delivering to the customer. All custom items are required to be shipped with tracking. This is to protect both the customer and Tick Tock Designs.

If you receive your item and feel you have a valid complaint please contact Tick Tock Designs as soon as possible, and where possible the issue will be rectified (with repairs or small modifications). In the event where this is necessary, contact must be made with Tick Tock Designs within two weeks of receiving the item. Issues such as change of mind, or incorrect size due to customer providing incorrect measurements, are not valid reasons for a return or refund of a custom item and may be declined at the discretion of Tick Tock Designs.

Orders cannot be changed or cancelled, under any circumstances, once production has begun. Production is considered to have started once payment has been made (whether in full or initial deposit). Please note that once a deposit is made, you will not receive a refund if you change your mind (as outlined above).

There are two methods of payment for custom garments:

1. Payment in full upon receiving quote

2. or 50% deposit upon receiving quote, and full balance paid upon completion of garment.

No items will be delivered until full payment is completed. All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Tick Tock Designs reserves the right to re-use and/or reproduce any designs submitted. Tick Tock Designs may use images submitted by the customer for promotional purposes. In making payment towards this order, you agree to these terms.

optional extras

Made to measurements custom sizing

+ $25

Matching scrunchies

$5 ea

Bulk discount (10+ quantity)